The Talako Indian Dancers

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If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Talako Indian Dancers, please contact Bill Prentiss at 407-352-1163.

New Dancers:  Membership is open to all youths ages 8-17.  American Indian family heritage is helpful, but NOT required.  NO qualifications needed. New Dancers are quickly outfitted, taught the dancing, and start participating in the shows immediately.  Dance regalia is entirely furnished for the boys.  Girls receive assistance in creating their dresses and shawls.  Moccasins are furnished for everyone.

Every Dancer is invited to participate in a formal Indian Naming Ceremony to receive a real Indian name.  These names are used at the performances.

Every Dancer can earn a beautiful award for satisfactory participation in the shows.  These are presented at the Annual Awards Dinner each January.

Meetings are held monthly and include birthday celebrations.  Practices are held as needed for both old and new Dancers.  The activities occur at either the Prentiss's home at 6515 Vineland Road, Orlando, 32819, for the west side of town, or at the home of the Henderson family for the east side.

There is no cost to join the Talakos.  For out-of-town shows, parents receive moeny to help pay for gas.  While on a trip, all Dancers receive free meals, although families are sometimes asked to bring picnic lunches to the festivals.  All Dancers receive some "expense money" after each show.  The amount depends on each Dancer's number of performances.

This is a family activity, and parental attendance is encouraged at all events.  Further, all parents automatically serve on the Talako Board of Directors as long as their children are active Dancers.

Added benefits for Dancers include new experiences, new friendships, increased self-confidence, and - best of all - FUN!!!

Member Activity Schedule

Aug 20 Saturday 11-2PM Pool Party Contact Doc for Location
Sept 10 Saturday 10:30AM Pre-Naming Conference
Attendance Required for Everyone Planning to be
Named at the Naming Ceremony
Prentiss Home (West Side)  407-352-1163
Sept 17 Saturday 9:30AM ANNUAL MEETING
(Adjourn by 10:15AM)
Prentiss Home (West Side)  407-352-1163
Sept 17 Saturday 11AM Naming Ceremony
and Pot Luck Feast
Prentiss Home (West Side)  407-352-1163
Oct 11 Tuesday 7:15PM MEETING Henderson Home (East Side)  407-681-6955
Oct 12 Wednesday 7:15PM MEETING Prentiss Home (West Side)  407-352-1163
Nov 15 Tuesday 7:15PM MEETING Henderson Home (East Side)  407-681-6955
Nov 16 Wednesday 7:15PM MEETING Prentiss Home (West Side)  407-352-1163

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